Nutritional Services

Nutrition Counseling and Health Coaching is provided to help promote lifestyle change.  Any health and nutritional concern can be addressed including but not limited to the following: weight management, sports nutrition, pre- and post-natal nutrition, disease management and prevention, childhood nutrition and general wellness.

15 minute simple nutrition assessment and basic meal plan included with membership.

1 Hour Consult- $40 Detailed and personalized assessment and counseling with supportive written materials, including meal planning, preparation, recipes, etc.

Nutrition Coaching Package after 1 Hour Consult- $30 per month for MWC members, $60 per month for non-members.

Weekly 15 minute sessions for weigh-in, review of food records and coaching. These frequent follow-ups are designed to provide more extensive education, support, reinforcement and accountability to help you meet your goals.

(We are unable to accept insurance or other third party payment at this time.)

Appointments can be scheduled with Member Services. If you are unable to meet for a paid consultation during the allotted times, you may contact Janet directly at (859)936-7225 or email